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Beautiful Bacteria The images above are some examples of rotex fractal growth found in colonies of Bacillus subtilis. The varying branching patterns are caused by changes in the environmental conditions of the bacteria as they grow. via: fuckyeahmolecularbiology


Growing Doubt: a Scientist’s Experience of GMOs Independent Science News by Jonathan R. Latham, PhD cspB, from the Bacillus subtilis bacterium, inserted into the genome of corn plantsSource: BASF By trai


Does This Phylum Make Me Look Fat?

Bacillus subtilis may look like pasta under the microscope, but the bacteria are common in the gut of humans. Could the microbes be contributing to our belly fat? Too soon to tell, scientists say.

ilovebacteria - Bacillus subtilis! Meet the Microbes Bacillus subtilis


Bacillus Subtilis, de bacterie die reeds gevonden werd bij de oermens in het maagdarmkanaal en volgens wetenschappers gerekend moet worden tot de bacterie die thuishoort in de darm van de mens in plaats van als probioticum gezien moet worden. Aanwezig in Prescript-Assist, het pre-probioticum dat anders is als alle anderen.