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[BOOK] Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education An Introduction for the Teaching Profession * * * Kaye Price, University of Southern Queensland Dr Kaye Price is an Aboriginal woman from Tasmania, currently working at the Centre for Australian Indigenous Knowledges. She holds a Bachelor of Education, Masters of Education and a Doctor of Philosophy. During 2010 she was the Aboriginal education project officer with the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority.


QUT - STEM for schools

Interesting report about the US' widening skills gap, rethinking the "college for all" approach, and how to better prepare youth for productive, fulfilling careers. Just 56% of students enrolling in a four-year college attain a bachelor's degree after 6 years. Less than 30% of those enrolled in community college obtain an associate's degree within 3 years. Only 30% of African Americans and fewer than 20% of Latinos in their mid-20s have an associate's degree or higher.

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31 Days of Outdoor STEM Activities for Kids

Outdoor STEM activities for kids 31 days of science, technology, engineering, and math ideas. Plus we have added art to make STEAM! Outdoor learning activities for kids all year long.


Houston, TX is one of the largest and most vibrant US metropolises.  It is an international city, and almost anything one could want can be found here.  In the realm of education, it is a top notch destination for students from all over the USA and countries throughout the world, with a strong international presence and culture.  The health and educational infrastructures in Houston are highly developed and sophisticated, and make use of strat

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Play Dough Mermaid Tails

Play dough mermaid tails activity for developing creativity and fine motor skills in an under the sea theme


University of the People – The world’s first tuition-free online university

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Hungry Caterpillar Rap

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Rap - Perfect song to sing after reading the book! Catchy too!

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Rain Forest - Amazon

After teaching my students the different levels of the rainforest I would have them match which section goes with which. I can incorporate Life Science in this section because some animals can fly while others cannot. What is gravity then?

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Summer Discovery: Science Inspiration for Kids

11 TED Talks to Watch with Kids + A Plethora of Educational Inspiration for Kids #Science #KiwiCrate #Sponsored *Saving this for later