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We're looking at adopting a sweet little boy from Russia. We met him on our last mission there, when Clint saved him from a building that was coming down. He's three years old, and the most precious little kid ever.

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Nightmare on elm street movie film classic a3 art print poster yf5380

Size High Quality Print on Photographic Paper/Card. Printed onto silk art paper/card which gives a warm sheen finish. Created using a professional liquid ink digital printing press to ensure the highest quality end product. | eBay!

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How to make a one page book. There are SO many things you can do with this. We used this in a "Build a Better Babysitter Bag" workshop and the kids created stories, memory books, scavenger hunts...

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The difference in how they cared for Judith. Look how clean she is compared too DARYL, just because They lived in the wild didn't mean they'd let the wild touch Judith..

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((Yeah, put Attack on Titan on, that's a really kid friendly anime. Or Boku no Pico, that anime is for all ages.)) That was sarcastic in case you don't know.

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