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Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are commonly used to reduce fever and relieve pain, but dosage guidelines for children aren’t clearly labeled on the bottle. Follow these clear dosage guidelines for kids.


Tips on Survival with a Sick Baby / Tylenol Dosage Chart by Weight / Print this out and keep it with your children's tylenol!


Simple Teething Relief Solution My sweet infant is three months old now and I am pretty certain he's begun teething. He's drooling chewing his (and my) fingers and has bouts of uncharacteristic fussiness. Having been through this before I preemptively armed myself with baby Tylenol clove oil Orajel and chewelry and an amber necklace. Because folks teething is NO JOKE. But my favorite teething pain remedy and the one that I share with all exhausted parents is the paci-pop. So quick so easy so…


Baby survival kit. This kit includes all meds and other essentials you may need for baby. Baby vicks rub, motrin, tylenol, desitin diaper rash ointment, baby shampoo/lotion/oil, sun screen, baby wipes, pacifier/binky, thermometer, hand Sanitizer, breast pads, baby powder, and a nose bulb for removing those hard to reach boogers.