When the Mykko Comfort Sleep Cot Wedge is installed in baby’s bed, the baby will sleep slightly inclined. This inclined position gives the baby a comfortable feeling in case of digestion problems (reflux), colds and ear infections. The 60cm wide cot wedge is safely fastened around the mattress and bed bars. The inner cover is made from moisture-resistant, breathable textile.

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2015 Latest Design Adjustable Baby Sleep Positioner Infant Safer Sleeper Wedge Anti Roll Cushion Newborn Baby Pillow

where can we buy sleeping wedges for infants | Infant Wedge Pillow

The 15 degree wedge can be placed on top of the mattress and with the stability tabs attached to the rails at the head of the crib. The mattress can be left flat for a 15 degree height or the head of the mattress can be lifted to a height of your choosing. By placing our 30 degree wedge under the mattress with the 15 degree secured on top of the mattress the baby comfortably and safely achieves a 30 degree elevation for a good nights sleep.

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Just Born High Seas Fresh Air Crib Liner, Navy. Works with 4-sided, slatted cribs. Safer alternative to traditional bumpers with breathable mesh liner for better air flow and peace of mind while baby is sleeping. Easy one-time installation; stays securely in place, even during sheet changes. Keeps baby securely nestled inside crib and prevents arms and legs from becoming wedged in crib slats. Machine washable.

#Safe #Lift Universal Crib Wedge #(foldable) really love it! http://amzn.to/HAu0vM

Tucker Wedge with Sling - If I had this, Maddie might actually be able to sleep in her crib!

Baby Newborn Infant Anti Roll Pillow Sleep Positioner Prevent Flat Head Cushion in Baby, Baby Safety & Health, Sleep Positioners | eBay

Universal Crib Wedge and Sleep Positioner for Baby Mattress | Waterproof Layer & Handcrafted Cotton Removable Cover | 12-degree Incline for Better Night's Sleep

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Baby Breath Easy Sleep Wedge Pillow - Stokke Mini Cot Size -Helps Colic Reflux

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