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Season’s change is upon us. Kids are back to school, leaves are becoming more colourful and the air has a chill in it that we haven’t felt for months. There’s been some brisk nights this week, and I’ve had a number of clients describe their little munchkins as chilly in the wee morning hours. If …


Attachment Parenting and sleep training really can mix - we share tips every attachment parent can use to maximize sleep, and to sleep coach successfully and gently!


The Wonder Weeks theory is great for helping you understand your baby's developmental leaps. But how do The Wonder Weeks affect Baby and Toddler Sleep? We explain.


I wish we had this sooner! The Baby Stay Asleep system is great for acid reflux, ear infections, colic, respiratory issues, and sleep problems.

from Wee Bee Dreaming Pediatric Sleep Consulting

The (Dreaded) 8-10 Month Sleep Regression

The (Dreaded) 8-10 Month Sleep Regression — Wee Bee Dreaming Pediatric Sleep Consulting


Transitioning your baby or toddler from co-sleeping is easier said than done. We offer practical tips for how to gently make the transition and minimize tears (for everyone!)


Essential oils have many benefits - but can they help your baby sleep? We look at commonly-used oils, and share tips for incorporating them into your sleep routines.