Look at this baby sheep smiling.<3 Someone better watch out, they might have a kidnaped sheep tomorrow lol.. just kidding, but that is soooo cute :)

Funny pictures about Having a bad day? Here is a smiling lamb. Oh, and cool pics about Having a bad day? Here is a smiling lamb. Also, Having a bad day? Here is a smiling lamb.

Day 5 - Visit to farm to see these awesome sheep.

Northumberland farmer welcomes unseasonal arrivals as 'worlds cutest lambs' are born

Valais Black Nosed Sheep are too cute to describe, just look at this pic. If I had one I would name her Treek (after my favorite ewok).

This cute baby lamb is ready to take on the world!

13 Adorable Baby Animals That Will Make Your Day So Much Better

John 1:29  The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.~

Who are you calling an ugly duckling? Wildlife photographer conjures up some animal magic

Daffodils always spell Easter Sunday to me. Mum always had daffodils everywhere in the house for Easter. Big roast lamb dinner was traditional.

little lamb.

Smiling lamb makes us so happy! Check out these smiley animals for a quick pick-me-up!

I dont think there could possibly be a cuter animal on the planet!!!!!! christinelatina

Oh Hai!

Blacknose lamb or Valais Blacknose is an old breed of domesticated sheep found in the Valais region of Switzerland. ITS SO CUTE I want one for

So why if I search for lamb all I get is peoples dinner of lambs and no lamb pictures? Seems twisted. Go vegan.

This Lamb Bouncing Gleefully Down a Hallway Will Remind You That Everything's Gonna Be Okay

happy little lamb, Wales I can't not smile at this. Ah, I love this lambie!

Sheep were originally from Europe and were traded to the americas as animals for the farm, food, and were used as materials (their wool).these animals were good for fertilization and spreading of seeds as well.

Sheep: "Triplet Lambs With Mom." This is just amazing - three little lambs with their proud mother!

oh, I hope this sweet mama and baby sheep are safe and happy. Look at the love...oh, just warms my heart

View photos of animal mothers and their babies describing The Beauty Of Motherhood In The Animal Kingdom. Celebrate Mothers Day with beautiful wildlife photos.

Babydoll lamb <3

you uncouth terry cloth. you shaggy ball of wigs. you contemptuous scoundrel. you tongue wagging irredeemable hoofer. you expired coupon turned mammal. how dare you. how dare you. how dare you

oh so cute

Lamb with a heart shaped nose! Some call this a baby bottle lamb! Salt Spring Island we had a ball, took a picture of her lamb and then sold the owner the negatives! How sweet!

Barnyard Critters ~ mother sheep with baby lambs

Sheep with her lambs.awwww they have the coloring of a baby goat but they're sheep.so cuuuute


Baby sheep are such cute little animals [Prelude: They laugh at you, as it was already figured through your choice of partner, that self-esteem is low in this one. You are considered a weakling easy to control, a puppet- in hopes of gaining favor

So cute!!! He has an ahbee/paci! @jill Keirstead McGovern @ Tina Eye you two will get this!!

Baby lamb with a pacifier sitting in a baby crib. So cute!