Blondie baby fur seal on South Georgia, Antarctica. Photo taken by Ron Niebrugge on our recent Antarctic expedition.

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This beautiful baby seal may be one of thousands each year who are beaten to death with a club. The fur is worth a great deal of money. This takes place in CANADA!

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A harp seal from Canada cheeses for the camera....i know this doesn't have anything to do with ultimate frisbee..but it's just awesome!!

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Possibly the whitest, fluffiest thing I've ever seen ~ Lovely Cool Photo of the Day

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Photographer Spent 3 Years Trying To Get His First Shot Of Seals On Ice, Until He Met This Pup...

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Baby seal...precious Baby harp seal- Harp seals spend most of their time diving and swimming in the icy waters of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. These sleek swimmers often hunt for fish and crustaceans at 300 feet (90 meters) and may dive to nearly 1,000 feet (300 meters). They are able to remain submerged for up to 15 minutes. How can we keep killing these beautiful creatures?

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