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Baby Pitbulls

Free Blue Pitbull Puppies | images of blue nose pit tumblr wallpaper

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Woman Recalls Saving Pit Bull The Day Of His Scheduled Euthanization

Pits are ok cute and cuddly its just the way they are raised if an other dog had the same owner as a pit it would probably be furosiose to so check yourself because pita are loyal and caring i should know i have one

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I make my husband tell me the story of how we got our rescue allllll of the time. (Yes, like a child. HA!)

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I'm in love with this pittie...

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Look at that face, I hate that they get such a bad rep. They are actually one of the most protective dogs for babys you could have ~ and the breed of dog most likely to kill a baby. Most people who are killed by dogs (primarily small children) are killed by pit bull dogs and Rottweilers. That is fact.

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