Here are 15 recipes that will make the transition from purees to solids a smooth one, while still packing a punch of essential vitamins, nutrients and protein for your little bebe!

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A deliciously creamy pasta sauce that vegan, easy to make and a baby friendly family meal. Perfect dinner recipe for baby led weaning.

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Little Grazers Mini Tuna and Sweet Corn Quiches - blw, baby led weaning, kids meals, family meals, fussy eaters, finger foods

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This pasta dish is a favorite for kids, getting the creaminess from potassium rich avocado, and folate and vitamin A from spinach. Cashews add extra richness, bringing a good dose of copper, manganese, magnesium and even some vitamin K.

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Try this quick, cheap and tasty fish recipe, as a teatime meal to cook for all the family...even fussy eaters will love it!

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Dairy free, brocolli pesto - a fantastic pasta dish for baby led weaning. Suitable for CMPA babies, as its dairy free, soya free and egg free. You could change the pasta to gluten free too

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