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Baby growth developmental growth spurts from The Wonder Weeks. These were spot on for us and VERY helpful. More info at

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Newborn to Toddler; Mental Leaps, Growth Spurts, and Sleep

Learn 10 amazing mental leaps and when to expect the unexpected wallet emptying growth spurts that baby undergoes during their first year.

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How the Wonder Weeks Affect Sleep

Source: The Wonder Weeks HOW TO USE THIS CHART: After speaking with the good folks at 'The Wonder Weeks', they want to encourage parents to remember that just because baby is in a 'stormy' period, it doesn't mean we should stop parenting them (with the mindset that "Oh! It's okay, they're just in a Wonder Week!") In fact, the exact opposite is true, baby needs you more during these stormy periods. If you are well-informed about each of the wonder weeks (and I encourage you to read up even…


The Wonder Weeks--explains when typical growth and development spurts (and accompanying challenging behavior) happen.

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Baby Growth Spurts - Everything You Need To Know

The first year of motherhood can be a nerve wrecking experience. But, one of the most rewarding parts of this difficult experience is to see your little one mature and grow.

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Breastfeeding Through a Growth Spurt