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How to Calm a Crying Baby

New Moms- Read this! If only I had known this with my first sweet little crying baby, I could have saved myself and my baby hours of frustration!

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Tips to calm your upset child

Raising you children is beautiful and empowering for parents but sometimes can be such a stressful and frustrating thing. Kids these days are surrounded by so many distractions that they become qui…

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Baby Clouds and Moon Wall Mural

In love with the soft neutrals in this modern nursery space. Both charming and calming, this nursery mural features a crescent and cloud mobiles. The simplicity of the colour palette make it perfect for gender neutral nurseries.

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How To Calm A Crying Baby In Seconds

A paediatrician in America has answered all new parents' prayers by demonstrating a technique to calm a crying baby in seconds. Dr. Hamilton from Santa Monica, who has been caring for newborns for

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Glitter jars: How to make your own calm down jar or bottle

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Being a parent is rewarding but can be challenging too. Here are our top 10 tips to help you calm down when you are feeling angry. For more advice on managing stress see the NSPCC guide here:

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I will take the mint Telecaster on the right please>> I thought they were Stratocasers but hell yeah I'll have the blue one.

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3 steps to lovingly support an angry child

How to lovingly support an angry child tips to help Kids who are angry, cross and upset. Emotional healthy kids

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How to raise happy children by being a happy parent -

Teaching children to behave gets better rewards when you're positive rather than critical. Positive parenting by Mum in a Nutshell

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