Lee Cross, a talented sculptor from Alaska who also goes by Wood Splitter Lee, has mastered the craft of creating poseable plush animals that look convincingly life-like. Lee is also known for her phenomenal fantasy beasts, which combine her signature believable, life-like anatomy with beautiful fantasy marking and elements.

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Can You Make It Through This Post Without Squealing? from Buzz Feed - an entire post full of the cutest pics (kittens, puppies, babies, other baby animals, adorableness overload!)

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barel iuth; werip tuyepr ituyre ptiuyerptiquytperiutyrepiuthnvc.,m c, 'trkjr'pig eto This just reminds me of Phil's dachshund, Mini-me

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ALGO IMPRESIONANTE. Aunque parezca un animal salvaje, que lo es, es uno de los animales mas adorables del mundo. TE QUIERO CUCUT CAN SALAVIA, GIRONA, CASA RURAL. 2015

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Their eyes are like stuffed animals’ eyes! | 19 Baby Pugs So Ridiculously Cute That You'll Die From Love

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