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Aztec Society

The Aztec empire was destroyed only two years after the Spanish invasions. War and disease ultimately ended the Aztec society. The Europeans also invaded North America and Polynesia. The fact that these societies had previously been secluded from all world contact proved to be a great disadvantage to them.


The Aztec society was one of the first societies that required education for all its members, regardless of gender or social status.


This websites shows many different aspects of the Aztec society. Such as maps of buildings in the capital and an insight on their religion.

Mountain West Digital Library ( great website to find information on Utah's history!

[Aztec calendar] Potentially use the Aztec Thirteen Heavens as inspiration for god powers. (keepscases, 2009)

With time the Church ‘tended to neglect all social disctinctions, partly because the stratification of indigenous society became blurred and the populations less numerous...’

Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies: THE AZTECS: AZTEC SOCIETY. Relates to Frontispiece of the Codex Mendoza. Viceroyalty of New Spain. c. 1541–1542 C.E. Pigment on paper.

The Aztecs demanded all the conquered people to give them food and supplies. They gave the land to important people in Aztec society. Markets were present, but not revered. Merchants specialized in long distance trade. Distribution of food was highly regulated and transported via canoe.