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Squash, Beans & Corn The idea comes from the Mayans and Aztecs. Plant your corn or maize and then when that starts to show underpin with courgettes or other squash. Once the corn starts to take shape, plant beans - French beans are ideal, and they will grow up the corn. The beans help fix nitrogen in the soil and the squash keep the weeds down.


Social Classes

Social Classes: The Nobel class was the highest class and consisted of government, military leader, high level priests, and lords. The commoner class consisted of farmers, artisans, merchants, and low-level priests. The serfs and slaves were the lowest class.

Olmec Stone Rod Depicting a Jaguar-Headed Snake Origin: Mexico Circa: 900 BC to 300 BC Origin: Mexico Circa: 900 BC to 300 ...


Very civilised savages: A new exhibition asks who were more brutal - the Aztecs, or the 300 Europeans who annihilated them?

Aztec sacrifice-80400 hearts cut out in 4 days for the coronation of an Aztec king-different societies and their beliefs(Rennell.T 2009)


Maximo and Bartola, the so-called Aztec Children were microcephalics from St. Salvator, exhibited by Barnum and Bailey. They were brother and sister and had a severe mental retardation. They were not Aztecs who still exist, speak their own language and are one of the largest minority groups of Mexico.


Ixtab, Goddess of the Rope. A Mayan death goddess and guardian of suicides. Associated with the eclipse, she guides the souls of those who have killed themselves, as well as women who die in childbirth, victims of sacrifice, priests, and slain warriors to the afterlife.