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Ayahuasca isn't for everybody, but for those who feel the call, it can be one of the greatest gifts we can possibly receive.

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"If you believe hate from others will destroy you, it will. If sent a vibration of hate, scoop it up & change it to a vibration of love." — Yoko Ono

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Another brilliant piece by Peruvian artist Pablo Amaringo whose work makes me think of Frida Kahlo, Marc Chagall, Mati Klarwein and Hindu religious painting. Love his colours and the balanced busyness of his compositions.

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ICAROS Ayahuasca, Cantos for travel in Ayahuasca ceremonies, アヤフアスカ This world is really awesome. The woman who make our chocolate think you're awesome, too. Please consider ordering some Peruvian Chocolate!

5 x 8 Print - Art Card, Spirit Woman - Talking Stick, Driftwood Sculpture by Debra Bernier

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