Zuko & Katara Avatar the last airbender

paintedfirelady: ““ And clouds full of fear And storms full of sorrow That won’t disappear Just typhoons and monsoons This impossible year ” Have some slow dance-melancholic Zutara I made while listening to this song on repeat ”

concept for zuko's firebending... so awesome. gif

concept for zuko's firebending. gif Avatar Zuko Last Airbender fanatic<<<and it was based off a break dance move Dante basco showed them

This is the only version of the Man-Bun of Fire Nation I will accept because without the bands it just looks weird

let me naruto run into your heart : Photo At first i was like "why would someone use that caption?" But the longer i stared, the more i could see Zuko doing it.and me letting him.

That fucking smile only took what, like 3 SEASONS OF EMOTIONAL DAMAGE TO MY SOUL in a very good way

Needed to be said

I'll have to think about who might have better character development. 'That fucking smile only took what, like 3 SEASONS OF EMOTIONAL DAMAGE TO MY SOUL in a very good way'

ahhh his journey as the fire prince

Zuko Avatar: the Last Airbender fan art by unknown artist Super Hero shirts, Gadgets

Zuko firebending. Some of the coolest bending drawings are of Zuko and his Firebending

picolo-kun: “ Lighting and pose study. Also it’s been a while since I drew Zuko 🔥 ”

"My wisdom is from experience, My passion comes from pain."

My cabbages! The Last Airbender is so awesome. Love this (i'm not a part of this fandom but i love this post so please dont judge it's just really good.

Impatient Zuko is to Adorable Zuko as Fangirl is to Fictional-Boy

irl-anime-protagonist: zuko + text posts (part one) i don’t care if it’s been done before this is so much fun part two is coming now here *zooms onto his eyes to look at his beautiful eyeliner*

Dont care for the language but, Zuko is the cutest!!

I love Zuko and I’m frkn awkward and he’s my bo ahahahahha Leavd him tf alone! Zuko is funny (though it should be "that's rough buddy *not tough) he's te adorable epic Emo<<<he's the most adorable awkward person ever I love him so much

Yes, I'll admit I started crying a bit at this part. They'd both come so far, and traveled so long... and Zuko had learned so much... how could I not?

it was so touching when Iroh forgave Zuko after everything he did. Zuko is one of my favorite characters. And Iroh too

Aang, Zuko, and Toph

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