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Autism and Special Education Reading Comprehension Clue Cards- US Version

Autism comprehension and vocabulary activity. This is a set of 15 Clue Card boards- each with 4 different sets of 3 clues, which your pupil has to re...


Autistic Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disability where there is a triad of impairments; social communication, social interaction and social imagination. Autism is called a spectrum as, although all individuals will suffer from difficulties in three main areas, their condition will affect them in very different ways. No two people with ASD will have the same difficulties. Asperger’s Syndrome is on the Autistic Spectrum.


Work Box Task Ideas

This article gives a plethora of ideas for work bin tasks designed specifically for students with autism and addressing a wide range of skills.


Vehicles Fine Motor Pre-Writing Skills Write & Wipe, Autism, Special Education

Autism and special needs fine motor activities. This is a set of 20 vehicle themed write and wipe pages for fine motor skills practice. Just laminate and go! Your pupils can practice their writing skills again and again with a dry wipe marker...


Social Stories BUNDLE (Autism/Special Needs)