How to Prevent Meltdowns and Tantrums in Aspergers Children - Asperger and Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Step-by-step Program Proven to Help You Get Well!: Rodger H.

As with almost any neurological or mental health disorder, the symptoms or signs of autism may appear in neuro-typically developing children to some degree. When the symptom becomes more severe, more frequent, and/or more problematic for the child’s...

This is a very helpful chart. The earlier you recognize the signs the sooner you can learn how to parent an Autistic child. Children with Autism can flourish! Signs of Autism

6+ Sensory Bins for under $30 from the Dollar Store – with tons of other ideas!

6+ Sensory Bin Ideas for Under $30!

e we are inside, waiting for baby to arrive, I knew he needed a sensory bin day. I could not WAIT to get to Dollar Tree and try all of these sensory bins. I went armed with a list – HA!

The Inspired Treehouse - Learn 10 transition strategies to help prevent tantrums…

10 Calming Techniques and Transition Strategies for Kids

The Inspired Treehouse - Learn 10 transition strategies to help prevent tantrums and meltdowns when kids need to move from one activity to another throughout the day.

DIY budget: How To Make A No-Sew Weighted Lap Buddy with socks and rice - super easy for parents with children of autism, SPD, ASD, or for Alzheimer's, Dementia, Pain Management - Sensory

How to Make a Lap Buddy to Help Fidgeting

10 tips for teaching children how to follow directions in the classroom or home.

Tips for Following Directions in the Classroom

10 tips to help children fallow directions. Fallow these tips and you will get more cooperation. For parents, caregivers or teachers.

World Autism Day 2014 | Explore Taylor & Francis Online

World Autism Day 2014

30+ Activities for Kids with Autism | We’ve got over 30 fun ideas, games, and activities to help develop your child’s social skills, speech and communication skills, and gross and fine motor skills, as well as provide him a way to release physical energy and find ways to calm down and self-regulate. Perfect for bad weather days, we’ve included worksheets, task boxes, and art projects! #autism #autismactivities #specialneeds #specialneedsparenting #learningthroughplay

30 Indoor Activities for Kids with Autism for Bad Weather Days!

30 indoor activities for kids with autism to develop social, communication, and fine motor skills while also releasing energy and teaching self-regulation!

For parents of Kindergarteners: Creating a "school board" at home will give your child the opportunity to show you what they learned at school that day!

DIY Homework Station for Kids

a diy homework station - help your kid focus on his schoolwork in addition to teaching him how to tell time, the calendar, and identify different types of weather. and don't forget the free printables

Top Ten ABA apps for autism and special needs from A Day in Our Shoes blog

Top Ten ABA apps for autism and special needs

Light It Up Blue Logo | Light It Up Blue | Autism Awareness Stuff Tap the link to check out fidgets and sensory toys! Happy Hands Toys!

Our store has a great selection of fidgets and sensory toys for people with anxiety, adhd, autism, FASD and any other special needs.