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Writer Worksheet Wednesday: Stories I Need to Tell

What are the stories YOU need to tell? Gather them with this 3-page writing worksheet!


Bullet Journaling for Fiction Writers

Picture this: a magical notebook that collects your lists of character names, rough draft progress meters, and memorable feedback from readers all in one place. Imagine being able to organize it and add new things as you go, without needing to allocate perfectly spaced sections ahead of time. There’s even a special page that helps you find whatever you’re looking for in seconds. Click the pin to read more about the magic of bullet journaling for writers! ∕∕ Something Delicious


Nicholas Sparks- Author of The Notebook

If you're not familiar with Nicholas Spark's work you are missing out. His books are hitting the movie world, as they should.


Idea Generation Worksheet

Here is a #writing worksheet that will have you generating story ideas a dozen at a time! |


Free Printables for Writing Your Next Novel

Are you interested in writing a novel but you don’t want to start? Do you learn by doing? Do you want easy-to-use worksheets to help novel writing made sense? I’ve pulled together a ton of FREE printables for you.


Setting up a Writer's Notebook

Capture those precious memories of motherhood and childhood with a writer's notebook! Join my writing workshop series and get started - first writing tip: setting up a writer's notebook! #writeinthemoment


Writers Workshop Poster: 100 Colorful Words to Use in Place of "Said"

Free mini-poster or reproducible on colorful words writers can use instead of "said." Download in color or b&w. Students can add color to the b&w version and put it in their writing notebooks for reference.