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Often i’m told that people don’t know how to prepare authentic Guacamole, one girlfriend of mine thought that it was entirely made up of mashed up avocados! There are actually several important spices used to prepare authentic Mexican Guacamole. Here’s the easiest recipe you’ll ever come accross. You’ll Need: 3 avocados, halved, seeded and peeled …


Chipotle's Guacamole - "You don’t need an oven or a stove to prepare it, but making guacamole the right way takes a little time and a whole lot of elbow grease. It would be easier if we used food processors or mixers--but we get the best flavor by hand mashing our avocados with freshly diced onions and lime multiple times a day."

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Proper Guacamole

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How to construct the perfect nachos

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The Best EVER

Guacamole Recipe – The Best EVER! This recipe is the best because it’s simple, classic, and downright good! It’s also quick & easy to make! #CAavoSeason #CincodeMayo