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Austrian Pine

How to Grow Austrian Pine (Pinus nigra)


pine-cone-galaxy | collection includes cones from : australian pine, cedar, jack pine, balsam, cypress, douglas fir, austrian pine, scotch pine, norway spruce, white and black spruce, red pine, white pine, atlas cedar, parasol pine, longleaf pine, and sequoia redwood | specimens are from minnesota, florida, georgia, california, and languedoc, france


The meaning of trees: the way we see the world

Gustav Klimt Enjoy some of Klimt’s stunning landscapes - I almost enjoy these as much as his figures. There is something dreamy and symbolic about them, like his other work, with overflowing textures...


Pinus nigra ' Strypemonde ' Dwarf Austrian Pine

Kigi Nursery - Pinus nigra ' Strypemonde ' Dwarf Austrian Pine, $20.00 (


Theme & Variation: Chestnuts Three Ways

Except there would only be one mug Lol. Unless a friend came over. Haha // Autumn/Fall Inspiration