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AUSTRIA - Legend has it that Duke Leopold V. of Austria (1157-1194) was involved in a battle during the Crusades, and after the fight his white battledress was soaked in blood. When he removed his belt, though, the cloth underneath was still white. That very sight is said to have inspired the red, white and red stripes on the Austrian flag.

Sailing on the Danube in Lower Austria past the town of Dürnstein, the Austrian flag flying on the breeze. There are many ways to see the Danube in Austria - here's five, from cycling to segways, wine walks to vintage trains.

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Austrian Flag (with coat of arms)

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View from the Sheraton Salzburg Hotel with Austrian flag, Auerspergstraße 4 - Salzburg, Austria/Österreich

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RED FOR COURAGE! Austrians tell of battle long ago of an Austrain duke who took off his white tunic and used it as a flag to lead his soldiers. The white tunic was stained with blood except where the duke's belt had been. YOU FIND THE COLOR RED IN MORE THEN 90 of the UNITED NATION FLAGS and for many of them red stands for courage. A soldier shows his/her courage by their williness to shed blood for their country.

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