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7 Ultimately Austrian Foods to Taste in Vienna

This Vienna food guide highlights the staple delights of the Austrian cuisine that a traveler must not miss when visiting Vienna.

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Kaiserschmarrn with mountain cranberry sauce - Austria

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Quark German Style Cheesecake

Käsekuchen - a delicious, lightly sweetened German Cheesecake made with quark. It's custard-like texture is much lighter in the mouth and on the waist.

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This Austrian cheesecake is like no other: a creamy fromage frais filling, wrapped in paper-thin strudel pastry.

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Gooey Brioche Bake (Kipferlschmarrn)

A foodblog about Austrian cuisine.


A German streusel recipe that makes a great alternative at Christmas to traditional mince pies.

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Apfelstrudel whose recipes somewhat vary from one country to another, is one of the jewels of Jewish Ashkenazi cuisine, especially on Rosh Hashanah. #Austria #Austrian #Ashkenazi #196flavors

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Old Vienna Marbled Gugelhupf | KeepRecipes: Your Universal Recipe Box

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Cheese Spätzle is a traditional

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Typical Austrian dish, some delicious Wuerstl with sauerkraut and potatoes #feelaustria

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