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Dicksonia antarctica - An Australian Tree Fern For drama and texture by the front door

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Australian Tree Fern (Cyathea cooperi 'Brentwood') Need something lush to fill that empty spot? Here's your answer. This fern's formidable stature and upward-arching fronds say, "Look at me." It's a great choice for sunrooms and foyers. Keys to success: This guy loves regular moisture and won't forgive you if you forget. Bright light is a must, but if the frond edges start to brown, find a shadier spot. Mist the trunk and fronds frequently.

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Tree Fern, Australian Tree Fern Exotic Plants how to grow. From the tropical garden board

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How to Grow Australian Tree Fern

Tips for growing successful Australian tree ferns and related Cyathea, including advice on watering, leaf-browning, and temperature.

Learn about the Various Types of Ferns with Pictures

The Australian Tree Fern (Cyathea cooperi) is a large, showy fern which can make a wonderful addition the garden, whether placed in the ground or grown in a container. Description from I searched for this on

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