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Australian Travel Insurance

13 things not to do when visiting Australia

Foods that Australia Brought the World    #infographic #Food #Australia

Foods that Australia Brought the World #infographic


edging close to Cape Pillar Tasmania ~ the sheer cliffs are up to 300 meters high and fluted like organ pipes - a common characteristic of the Jurassic Dolermite from which they are formed.


Mungo Dunes Outback Australia. #travel #travelinsurance #iloveinsurance See the world. Do your travel insurance comparison online, save time, worry, and loads of money.


Travel Insurance Australia - Insurance For Your Australian Travel Holiday #travel_insurance #insurance_travel_policy

How to make the most of your Australian working holiday visa- 5 Crucial Tips!

Want to get off to a great start on your WHV and beat the other jobhunters? See my crucial tips. Before you even land in Australia you need these tips will help you get a job and start saving money quickly on your Australian Working Holiday Visa.


What is the best travel insurance for Australians travelling overseas?

What is the best travel insurance for Australians travelling overseas? We've researched to find the best value and price - interesting results! Please share this with your peeps

Australia Tourist Visa for Filipinos with Philippines Passport

Our Quick Guide on How to Get an Australian Visa for Filipinos Australia is an extremely efficient country that you won’t have difficulty getting an Australian visa from The Philippines. For starters, the entire application process for Filipinos is online – very easy, simple, and convenient. It is a task you can certainly do yourself, which is a lot welcome if you are trying to avoid extra fees from outside facilitators.