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Australian Shepherd Height

Border Collie catches a “flying saucer” in the competition «Skyhoundz Disc Dog European Championship» in Budapest, Hungary. (Bela Szandelszky / AP) "Magical Nature Tour"


Mudi – Like Australian shepherds, but fluffier! They might look like their Aussie (American) cousins, but these small herding dogs originated in Hungary.

from Train 'Em Tasks

Australian Shepherd Rally Obedience Prep Pack

Australian Shepherd ASCA Rally Obedience Prep Pack - scoring, jump height info, and signs with their exercise descriptions from Train 'Em Tasks!


This is an Australian Shepherd (some size and facial similarities, not at all the same fur and shorter in height):

MINI AUSSIE-Harley is an #adoptable Australian Shepherd #Puppy Dog in #Azle, #TEXAS. Harley is a beautiful 10 month old larger Mini Aussie in height however, only 22 lbs.  She will need at least 5-8 more pounds to...


Junie is an adoptable Australian Shepherd Dog in Hartford, KY. Junie and Dozer came in together, but if they are brothers, Dozer got all the height. They both have long, curly, soft hair and are both ...