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Cassowaries stand between 1.5-2 metres in height and both sexes are similar in appearance. The female is larger and the more aggressive. Cassowaries are the heaviest bird in Australia and tend to be solitary. Mature birds only tolerate each other during the courting and mating process. The male incubates the eggs and sits on them for about 50 days. When the chicks hatch he then takes sole responsibility for rearing them for up to 16 months.


Tiny terror Down Under: He may have a big temper but this miniscule marsupial can fit on the tip of a thumb

(28th April 2015) THE GILES' PLANIGALE: He can be courageous, fearless and will attempt to sink his teeth into you as soon as look at you. But, seeing as he's not much bigger than the size of an average thumb nail, this little Aussie bruiser is never going to pose a threat to humans. The furry Giles' planigale is a native to Australia, is about as big as a 50p piece, and can usually be found foraging for food in cracks in the soil.


Quokka and her baby. Rottnest Island off the coast of #WesternAustralia, August 2012. Photo: Caitlin Schokker, cadywaah via Flickr


The Queen looked cosy in cream on Christmas Day in 2010.


Animal pictures of the week: 7 August 2015

A baby brush-tailed rock-wallaby pokes its head out of its mother's pouch at Taronga Zoo in Sydney as part of a successful breeding program for endangered species.