A compilation of 100 Vintage Travel Posters that will make you want to travel around the world. Includes where to buy these vintage travel posters and more.

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A common myth about the kangaroo's English name is that "kangaroo" was a Guugu Yimithirr phrase for "I don't understand you."According to this legend, Lieutenant Cook and naturalist Sir Joseph Banks were exploring the area when they happened upon the animal. They asked a nearby local what the creatures were called. The local responded "Kangaroo", meaning "I don't understand you", which Cook took to be the name of the creature.

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http://makeascene.frenchconnection.com/watch/sd/1362573303146663 I made a film! Share it so I can win a trip to #Sydney with @FCUK #makeascene.

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My parents keep asking me why in the world do I want to go to Australia so badly? This picture gives me a good enough reason.

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I grew up with Skippy! A childrens show in Australia late 60's, 70's. I watched it in the '70's

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Kangaroo just outside of Perth Western Australia. ...... Also, Go to RMR 4 awesome news!! ... RMR4 INTERNATIONAL.INFO ... Register for our Product Line Showcase Webinar at: www.rmr4international.info/500_tasty_diabetic_recipes.htm ... Don't miss it!

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Daddy's little joey: The little orphaned kangaroo Indi getting hugs from Chris 'Brogla' Barns

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