Ross Lynch on Austin And Ally! He is so adorable!

Ross Lynch play Austin Moon on Austin and Ally. He so. CUTE i mean who cant love that face

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He is so beautiful

Because things are going really well for Ross right now! | 18 Reasons For #AustinAndAllySeason4

Community Post: 18 Reasons For #AustinAndAllySeason4

Ally packed a lunch for Austin as he wrote his first song by himself <3

Arent we all a kid again wen we c pudding

Ross Lynch Austin and Ally promo

Laura Marano & Ross Lynch: New 'Austin & Ally' Gallery Pics!: Photo Check out this sweet, new pic of Laura Marano and Ross Lynch as Austin & Ally!

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Trap him in a corner... Get real close in... And get ready for the truth!

Hey Austin could probably make any middle name work think about it Austin Monica Moon!

Wow seriously????? How could I have NOT noticed this before?!?!?!?!?!?!

Austin and Ally then and now.

I bet Austin liked the way Allu answered his questian!

I bet Austin liked the way Ally answered his questian!

Austin and Ally, Dez and Trish. (Ross lynch, Raini rodriguez, Laura marano and Calum worthy).

This is so cute