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Aunt Pronunciation

Word of the Day: kittle Click through to the full definition, audio pronunciation, and example sentences: #WOTD #wordoftheday

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pronunciation | 'gE-gul\with #gheegle, noun, filipino, cute, aww, d'aww, adorable, kittens, kitten, baby animals, babies, old aunties, cheeks, ouch, words, other-wordly, otherwordly, G, gigil, tagalog, definitions,

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Some words sound the same but are actually spelled very differently! They are called homophones, and here is a short list of some really common ones.

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Claudia Black

Claudia Black, voice for Morrigan from Dragon Age, Chloe from Uncharted, and Admiral Xen/Matriarch Aethyta from Mass Effect. (I absolutely _adore_ Aethyta, had no clue it was her.) *strong woman

Heat maps of linguistic trends across nation

If you’ve ever argued about the proper pronunciation of words like “aunt” or “caramel,” you’re not alone.

Refers to the people ----- The English meaning:aunt.Chinese pronunciation is''yí''