This Is What Schizophrenia Can Actually Sound Like. Anderson Cooper tries getting through one day using a schizophrenia simulator and can’t do it. There is a second video that is an example of auditory hallucinations people with schizophrenia might hear. WARNING: many people found this video to be disturbing, distressing and unnerving. Many were unable to finish it. If this video could negatively affect you and you want to listen to it, DO NOT USE HEADPHONES. It seems to make it more…

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To get an idea of what auditory hallucinations can sound like, you can listen to this audio sample. | This Is What Schizophrenia Can Actually Sound Like

"Schizophrenia is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mental illness characterized by impairments in the perception or expression of reality, most commonly manifesting as auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions or disorganized spe To find out more information about mental health please visit

Article KQED Science (May 21, 2013): Animal Advocates Sue Caltrans Over Highway 101 Bird Deaths ~`*`~ A construction project in California's Marin and Sonoma Counties has taken a tremendous toll on nesting cliff swallows, which migrate 6,000 miles each year to nest beneath the Petaluma bridge. Based on Caltrans refusal to take action, environmental groups are now suing Caltrans to enforce the removal of the netting that has been trapping and killing the birds since March.

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Auditory hallucinations have long been understood as a sign of severe mental illness. For some, that’s part of the problem.

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