Audi order books open in May. The car made its debut at the recent Geneva Motor Show, further details are available as momentum gathers en route to the UK. Colossal performance the Audi plus - mph in seconds, in seconds, top speed combined MPG

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The only thing wrong with it.its a Audi. Last one I had, the gas pedel stuck, windows didn't roll down and the topper.let me stranded every time the left my home town.

The Audi R8 V10 Plus

All-New Audi a ballistic performance. Sharper, Lighter and Even More Powerful. A real star car, the fastest production Audi ever, maxxxing Audi’s motorsports background to the full in a ballistic road car.

Audi Top Speed 2016 About results 2013 Audi plus km/h Top Speed Launch Control Test spor.

Supercar Showdown: Which Dream Car Is the Best?

AUDI R8 $164,150 ● The all-new R8 ditches the pretense of keeping a respectful distance from its VW Group cousin, the Lamborghini Huracán. Audi's optional 610-hp V-10 matches the Lamborghini's power, and its 205-mph top speed will rule the autobahn. But next to Italian braggadocio, the R8 is German modesty—tasteful, restrained, and clearly the product of a company that's won Le Mans about a zillion times. The Audi is still supercar excess, but the kind that just wouldn't look right painted…

Click visit to take the full quiz! This high-end supercar redefined Audi when it was first produced in 2005. The Audi R8 is the carmaker's most expensive and fastest car. -- Answer: R8 -- #Cars

ABT Sportsline 2013 Audi In series. - ABT Sportsline 2013 Audi In series production form, the mill delivers and 530 Nm lb-ft). After ABT’s engineers place their upgrades under the hood, output is.

Matte Black Audi I love that small touch of pink. Just enough pink where it's feminine but not overboard but if the audi was mine, id do purple