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Atoms and Molecules Poster- This graphic can be printed out as a reference sheet for students to use during the Atoms unit or a summative review sheet. It will help ensure students see how all of the concepts in the unit interrelate. #AtomsandMolecules #SummativeReviewSheet

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Atoms Task Cards (Differentiated and Tiered)

68 differentiated and tiered task card questions to help assess your students on important concepts covered in an atoms unit. Answer sheets (differentiated) and key included.Topics covered: What is an atom?, History of Atoms, Atomic Structure, Subatomic Particles, Element, Electron Configuration, Atomic Number, Atomic Mass, Isotopes, Average Atomic Mass, Radioactive Isotopes, Ions, Periodic Table, Types of Elements, Periodic Table Groups, Periodic Table TrendsConcepts addressed are…

History of Atomic Theory (cut & paste & foldable) Activity from Sandy's Science on - (3 pages) - This is a cut and paste and foldable activity. Students cut out and sort pictures of scientists (Democritus, Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford, Bohr, Chadwick) historical dates and descriptions of their theories. Follow-up questions on modern cloud theory and w


Can you really have fun as you learn about chemistry? {FREE Game}


Introduction to the Atom, Atomic Theory PowerPoint Review Game and Atoms Unit Preview from Science from Murf on (100 pages) - This is a 150 slide PowerPoint Review Game and 1-25 template sheet about atomic theory, electron orbitals, molecules, and electron configuration that concludes part III of the my atoms and periodic table unit that I offer on Teachers Notebook. Also incl

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The Joy of Chemistry — A Unit in Photos