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Review Atoms and Atomic Theory with This Chemistry Study Guide

Review Atoms and Atomic Theory with This Chemistry Study Guide: Atoms are the basic building blocks of matter.


The magic of 1 Atomic Mass Unit which is a great topic.

The scale in which the relative atomic masses of different atoms are expressed is called the atomic mass unit scale

***FREEBIE*** Try out one of my science stations before buying. Review parts of an atom and how to find atomic mass with this easy-to-prep science activity. Students will review vocabulary, complete a modeling activity, and practice multiple choice questions.

AP Chemistry: Atomic Mass Complete Lesson

How do you calculate the mass of an atom? A seemingly simple question with a not-so-simple answer. This lesson is appropriate for AP Chemistry or Honors Introductory Chemistry. Detailed answer keys are included. The topics covered include a review of the structure of the atom, atomic mass units, mass spectrometers, calculating atomic mass, and calculating percent abundances.