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Atom Ant

60s Saturday Cartoons | THE ATOM ANT SHOW sees an interesting pairing as Atom Ant Meets Karate ...


The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show, Hanna Barbera, 1965 ~ Winsome Witch


Atom Ant | StickerHeroes


A repackage of the Atom Ant episodes from the 1965 The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show.. The Atom Ant Show- 1967.

ATOM ANT Cartoon Intro: Up and at'em it's Atom Ant. He's strength, he's might, He's speed, he's fight. He's Atom Ant, that tiny ant, and his atomic power. Has what it takes and always makes The vilest villian cower. He's rough, he's tough, And bad guys yell enough. When he is up and at'em. Atom Ant.

Work with me, I've been saying ADAM Ant since I was a little kid, why I never clued in to the coolness of "atom" ant I'm not sure.


Rankin/Bass-historian: Hanna=Barbera's Atom Ant