Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand.  Changed my life.  Must read for any business person or Republican!

The 25 Most Challenging Books You Will Ever Read

The 25 Most Challenging Books You Will Ever Read. Holy smokes glad I am not alone I attempted to read Atlas Shrugged 10 times over a series of years. I never got past Chapter 8

"The measure of hell you're able to endure is the measure of your love." •.¸¸.♥ ~ Ayn Rand  (Atlas Shrugged)

The brilliance of ayn rand. Time to break a few her books for some good summer reading.

Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand. It's really long, but completely worth it. Buy it in hard back, it's a keeper. Don't watch the movie.

"I started my life with a single absolute: that the world was mine to shape in the image of my highest values and never be given up to a lesser standard, no matter how long ot hard the struggle"

Atlas Shrugged: Ayn Rand

Atlas Shrugged: Ayn Rand This is everything I have ever felt, summed up perfectly.