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Gallery of alchemical images

———- and this is a beauty: ———- i like these old cards becuase they show us signs that are used today and what they did the lion and the …

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Battle of the bear-knuckle boxers: Heavyweight clash caught on camera after one grizzly stole his rival's lunch

Bear fight: The two grizzly bears stood on their hind legs as they tussled in the forest in Alaska

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The Atlas Bear: Following the expansion of the Roman Empire in Northern Africa, thousands of bears were hunted for sport, used for execution of criminals, and killed during venatio games. The Atlas Bear is believed to have become extinct in the 1870s.

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Teddy Bears picnic / Birthday "Mikayla's Teddy Bears picnic"

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Black Lab Brain Jr. Ringer T-Shirt

"an Atlas of the Labrador Brain" ---- [Designed by Illustrator Terry Pond]'h4d'121019

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