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USS McDougal alongside HMS Prince of Wales during Atlantic Charter Conference, Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, Aug 1941

Three Month XANGO Tour including Pacific and Atlantic Coast U.S., Canada, and Mexico aboard a private yacht. City wide Super Saturdays with private parties on board for qualifying distributors.


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Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill on board the Prince of Wales, after signing the Atlantic Charter, 14th August 1941 (b/w photo)

Prime Minister Churchill strokes ship's cat "Blackie" as he boards battleship HMS Prince of Wales with destroyer USS Mcdougall alongside, August 10, 1941.


First Day of Issue Stamp, Replica, World War II, Atlantic Charter, Phoenix AZ, Sept 3 1991 by ABarnFullofPostcards on Etsy

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston S. Churchill at the Atlantic Charter Conference, Placentia Bay, Newfoundland in August ,1941. Standing behind them are from left to right: Admiral Ernest J. King USN, General George C. Marshall, General Sir John Dill, Admiral Harold R. Stark USN, and Admiral Sir Dudley Pound RN.

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World War II: The Road to Pearl Harbor Reading Activity In this engaging reading activity students will learn about the foreign policy of the United States prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 and complete a corresponding graphic organizer. A formative writing assessment is included. Topics include: Quarantine Speech Neutrality Acts Cash and Carry Tripartite Pact Lend-Lease Act Atlantic Charter Conflict in Indochina