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Imagine: A Comic to Live By in 2015 [Comic]

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Head of Vatican Court, Cardinal Raymond Burke, expressed his opposition to gay marriage yet again, while being interviewed by LifeSite News earlier this month.

Facts are based on historical documentation or backed by scientific evidence. Futile attempts of debate based on nothing but opinions, just lead to Fox "news"...not reality.


Atheists Outraged by SPLC Branding Atheist Critics of Radical Islam 'Anti-Muslim Extremists' Read more at Read more at Read more at…

'You never hear in the news, "Two hundred killed today when atheist rebels took heavy shelling from the agnostic stronghold in the north.'" - Doug Stanhope

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I am the Fox News atheist: “Some call me a militant atheist. Others call me a dick. I am neither”

I believe that religion poisons everything and I argue for truth and honesty, no matter the audience. It is working