"Reach for the Moon" print

Monday Merriment

I'm torn between running away from my fears and picking fights. But moons don't pick fights, they just sit there and make the planets feel pretty; I guess I'll just face them when they arrive.

Outer space is the last frontier, where kids can dream about the most amazing adventures. Is there any kid who doesn’t want to become an astronaut? We have also kids’ rooms inspired by the space. This is a great idea for those who dare to travel to space with just their minds. The Murals Wallpaper brings this very original wallpaper so there’s no need of adding anything else.

Rooms for Adventurous and Traveller Kids

On the lookout for out of this world space murals? These simply adorable solar system wallpaper is perfect for kid's rooms and playrooms. The blue watercolour backdrop makes it stylish and brings a contemporary edge to your home.