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Lunar | Moon | Astrology | 2017 Astrology Calendar - Cosmic Calendar with Zodiac, Chakras as Mandala Art / Chart] 18"x24" Full Color Poster

2017 Cosmic Calendar // Spiral Spectrum [CHAKRA, MOON & ASTROLOGY Mandala Art/Chart] 18x24 Full Color Poster

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2017 Lunar Calendar. Silver screen print on Navy Blue paper. 8.5 x 11 Edition of 125 Read the lunar calendar by tracing the moon phase up to the corresponding date for each month. Dates Marked for full, new, and quarter moons. There is a hash mark for each day of the year, and dots correspond to Sundays. The symbols in the outside circle correspond to astrological dates.

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Irish Astrology

Celtic Signs -- Very interesting article about the power of the different elements of each of these aspects of Celtic Astrology

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2017 FULL MOON CALENDAR March 12th is my birthday. Maybe this year will be of importance for me on my journey. ♡

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Ash, Ogham name Nion, rules 18th February to 17th March. The cosmic tree, Yggdrasil was the Ash which links the world of men with the realms of spirit and myth, and imparted understanding of the interconnection of all things. Two springs flow from its roots, the sources of Wisdom and of Fate.

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Hawthorn, Ogham name Huathe, rules 13th May to 9th June. Mayflowers, the blossom of the Hawthorn, are associated with purity and innocence, and are used to crown the Mayqueen, but the "Faerie thorn" is also the entrance to the Otherworld........... so beware!

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Wheatstraw, Ogham name Ngetal, rules 28th October to 24th November. As our ancestors developed agriculture and became farmers, so the Wheatstraw became the symbol of kingship, and the fleeting power, and sacrifice demanded of rulers for the wellbeing of their people

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