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25 Essential Problem Solving Tools #Infographic

Problem solving can be challenging, and we can tend to think that a complex problem requires a complex solution – but that’s simply not the case.


Teacher Tip: Paperwork, Grading, Organization

Teacher Tip: Paperwork, Grading, Organization - ideas for motivating students to turn in quality work, holding them accountable, what to do with the incomplete assignment problem, and other ideas.

PROJ 592 Week 5 Assignment Problems 5-1 Earned Value Calculation, 5-2 Earned Value Calculation Discussion Questions: Project Monitoring and Control

Home + Mold // A common problem in Germany is finding mold in humid areas of the home. The best way to help deter mold is to allow fresh air from the outside to cross ventilate throughout the home 2x a day for 15 mins at a time. Due to the type of constructions, some of the older & even newer homes have bad wall structure that can be simply preventable (airing out + soap + water) or unless the wall itself is severely damage, then wall repairs will be needed.