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Modern garden photos: urban courtyard for entertaining

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Tar and chip driveway. This has an upscale look with the cobblestone edging. The raised curbing will work great. And although I like the look of the triple border, I would imagine this will take some upkeep.

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Beautiful Gardens of Scarsdale Home to be Featured by National Group

when I win the lottery and have a long driveway...just driving through this everyday makes you feel calm and peaceful...BEAUTIFUL

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COREgravel HD Recycled Core Gravel UK Ltd manufacture, supply and install Eco-friendly solutions for ground stabilisation.

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A gravel driveway would be an ideal choice if you are planning to give your house an antique touch. However, gravel driveways generally cost more and require more work to build than an ordinary driveway. That being said, you would be better off building a gravel driveway if you want to keep the maintenance work to the minimum possible level.Things Required:- Tape Measure- Shovel- Scalping- Vibrating plate- Gravel

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Can't afford to pave the whole driveway, just do the entrance and the rest in pea gravel

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