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The Shard, London - do you have a head for heights?!

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I've put you in the place I call 'Peace' in my mind. It is a safe place where the sky is always grey but there is light all around you. It is always warm, and there is nothing but large medows of tall grass, wild flowers, and forests all around. Than in the middle is a little log house where you can live happily. You are safe in my mind.

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The pain was searing, or at least it should have been. I don't even think I felt it in the moment. I had begun to fall the moment the bullet had entered my side- a slow plummet to the ground filled with images of melancholy. My family and friends back home. Austin's laugh. {Watch Closely}

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"Be careful, Isa," I implored her, "You only get one chance." "One is all I need." She drew back the arrow slowly, fixing her eyes on the glass window of the stone castle. "I'm no little girl." "I know." I gazed at her, longing for some glimpse of the friend I used to admire so greatly. But all I saw was steely determination, and a fierceness that war had burned into her.

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Image 17 of 21: Cinema

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