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Details about Lolita White Pink Black cosplay LUMINOUS MISSION HIGH SCHOOL Bloomer Short Pants

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Mepura she is wearing a 6%DokiDoki top, tulle skirt/tutu and jacket. Her heart-shaped bag with lots of Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basketball) manga pins is from G2. She bought her heeled, three-straps shoes in Harajuku. She is also wearing colorful accessories, some of which came from her favorite shop 6%DokiDoki – including decora hair pins, necklaces, brooches, a beret and bow print tights. She’s carrying a Rakuzan High “Akashi” plush doll.

Japanese lolita package SE9449

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Precious Clove ***Singing in the rain*** Ouji Short Pants $ 79.99 - My Lolita Dress

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