Kita Cup asian serving utensils

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vintage Salad Serving Utensils from Thailand, Large Fork & Spoon, Asian Mid-Century Modern

Asian Serving Utensils Are Colorful Too. Sauce Dishes are perfect for dipping; fill with soy sauce, wasabi and other great Asian flavors. Soup spoons and sauce dishes are compact and nest for easy storage. Soup spoons are a staple with any meal featuring classic soups like pho, ramen and wonton. Chop sticks have squared edge so they do not roll around. .

Caramel chicken – the easiest and most delicious Asian chicken dish ever with sticky, sweet and savory chicken. Dinner is done in 20 mins |

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Biodegradable Moso Bamboo soup bowls are made with 75% bamboo. A natural material with the sleek look of plastic. High durability, patented, and meets FDA requirements. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource. Organic shape compliments the material origin. Individual sized bowl fits perfectly on the Moso platess and trays to serve sides, or use for desserts and cereals.

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