Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxurus Hermaphroditus) --The Asian palm civet is a smaller species of civet found throughout the jungles of Asia, and easily recognisable by its dark, coarse hair and large eyes. The Asian palm civet is also known as the common palm civet and the Toddy Cat is areas where the Asian palm civet is natively found. The Asian palm civet is found inhabiting the tropical jungles and rainforests throughout much of Asia.

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Asian Palm Civet

The Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus), also called toddy cat, is a small member of the Viverridae family native to South and Southeast Asia.

Asian Palm Civet peeking out from the trees

The ASiaN PaLM CiVeT Eats Coffee Beans & their waste is collected for the beans found inside. The Beans aRe (thankfully) Fully Cleaned & Roasted into exclusive coffee, known as Kopi Luwak or Civet coffee.

Asian Palm Civet - Paradoxurus Hermaphroditus Philipinensus

a civet cat climbs a coffee tree to eat ripe cherries at a farm in Indang, Cavite province in Philippines.

Asian Palm Civet - Pictures, Diet, Breeding, Life Cycle, Facts ...

These are littler animal type of civet discovered all through the bushes of Asia, and effectively recognisable by its dull, coarse hair and great eyes.


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Asian palm civet

Asian palm civet by Natural Encounters Photography

The Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus), also called toddy cat, is a small member of the Viverridae family native to South and Southeast Asia.  Kopi Luwak is coffee prepared using coffee cherries that have been eaten by the animal, partially digested, and harvested from its feces. Kopi Luwak is currently the most expensive coffee in the world.

Creative Footprint : March 2010 (Asian Palm Civet)--read about this interesting animal whose excrement full of coffee beans is used to create a rare and expensive coffee (Kopi Luwak). A cup can sell for up to

Asian Palm Civet

Asian Palm Civet(Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) photographed by Francis Yap at Bidadari, Malaysia on October 2012

asian palm civet baby - Google Search

asian palm civet baby - Google Search

Photo Ark Photographing the world’s animals to help stop the extinction crisis: An Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus philippinensis) at the Plzen Zoo in the Czech Republic.

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Asian Palm Civet

I met this Asian palm civet late one night while wandering around outside of a small village in Sumatra. I have no good reason as to why I was wandering around


Indonesians Farm Civet Cats To Produce World's Most Valuable Coffee

Past post-ironic: people too posh to change their own kids' nappies drink cat crap coffee