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Asian Coffee Grinders

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2. Let it cool a while and using coffee grinder, gr

Bitter Raw Apricot Seeds, 16oz. Apricot Power


Yamamoto Toshu Katatsuki chaire (Katatsuki type tea caddy) Ash falling on the tea caddy during firing has turned into a glaze with a distinctive naturalistic patterning.

This made some of the nicest hot cross buns I have ever tasted.  I used the same dough as for the Asian Style Pain de Mie but added:two very generously heaped teaspoons of mixed spice (I made my own and used these ratios which I found on the internet)16 parts cinnamon 8 parts coriander 4 parts allspice 2 parts ginger 2 parts nutmeg 1 part ground cloveI used whole spices and ground them up in a coffee grinder. I think using my own freshly ground spices made all the difference to this dough. …