Need this in the RV shower area? Retractable indoor clothesline

To not HAVE to use a dryer for everything and ruin all your clothes.Retractable indoor clothesline for the laundry room. Fabulous space saver and you don't have to worry about ducking lines in the laundry room

Make a Clothespin Doll With a Traditional Sari Costume

Tutorial for Peg People and Clothespin Dolls

Navratri Craft - Clothespeg / Clothespin doll dressed in a traditional Sari made from wired ribbon. The doll's Bindi is made from a sticker

Brabantia's Wallfix fold-away drying rack... folds completely out of the way #design #innovation

15 Creative Clothes Drying Racks

Brabantia's Wallfix fold-away drying rack. folds completely out of the way -- available from the United Kingdom, the wall-mounted storage container is extra.

N #PunjabiLadiesSuits

N #PunjabiLadiesSuits

How to Dry Clothes without Power ~ Mom with a Prep

How to Dry Your Clothes Without Power

Tuck a retractable clothesline in to your laundry room cabinets to maximize your line drying space. Via Just About Home I already have the retractable clotheslines, but couldn't figure out where to put them.

Great idea to dry clothes

Billionaire Mindset on

Four wall-mounted drying racks in a mudroom create an instant indoor drying room; recreate the look with four wall-mounted racks from Ikea. For something similar, consider Ikea's wall-mounted Grundtal Drying Rack;

textiles on the line in India

Colorful windows

Bright orange laundry in front of white building with red door, India images D Korean-Asian-Fashion-Shopping-Mall-00010-50571.jpg images D Korean-Asian-Fashion-Shopping-Mall-00010-50571.jpg