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Awww so sweet :) While I can't find the original source, I'm guessing they may be Spectacled Bears (as the pattern doesn't quite fit with the Asiatic black bear/Sun Bear)

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VULNERABLE: Asian Black Bear (Ursus thibetanus or Selenarctos thibetanus). Utyos Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Kutuzovka Village, Russian Far East. Aka Asiatic Black Bear, Tibetan Black Bear, Himalayan Black Bear and Moon Bear.

Beautiful Asian Black Bear..... have you ever seen before this i have 2 new bears I love! the Spectacled Bear and this beauty!

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Most people don't respond to charging bears by fighting back. Yet rather than run from a snarling Asian black bear, one Japanese man decided to put his karate skills to the ultimate test. Atsushi Aoki, 63, was fishing in the mountains when the bear attacked him. "The bear was so strong, and it knocked me down," Aoki told Tokyo Broadcasting System. Aoki took up a karate fighter stance, putting his right fist in front of him, and punched at the bear's eyes, which made the beast retreat. "I…

Chinese Bear Bile Farming Draws Charges of Cruelty

An article from 2013, but the practices of "milking" and poaching for bear bile continue throughout Asia. CITES lists the Asian black bear in Appendix I, meaning that the bear is one of the most endangered species in the world, threatened with extinction. Trade in them or their parts is illegal. Yet, the bears continue to be farmed and poached, even though there are herbally-derived and synthetic alternatives to the active ingredient found in bile, UDCA.

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Just Some Bears Thinking About Life

I don't want to be a periphery- I wanted to be front and centre...I have no idea any more what I should do. Clearly it's all wrong so I thought it the best option- It has not been protested so must I assume it's agreeable?..........AJ

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